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Tips & Tricks

A Recliner Chair or Sofa

Sleeping can be difficult post-op. I found it much easier to sleep upright in a recliner.

I found it much easier to sleep upright therefore, a recliner is a great option.  Also, Contour Livings sells a Foam Wedge System that is a good option as well. Another highly recommended option is theLiftMeUp chair. 

Pre-make Meals


You may want to have some prepared meals made and frozen so that you can take time to rest and not have to worry about meals.



If you have time to get in shape before your surgery this will definitely  help decrease your healing process. There are also many safe exercise options post-op that could provide amazing benefits!

During Hospital Stay


My doctor stressed the importance and benefits of early ambulation and range of motion exercises. One exercise that I found very simple and effective was front arm raises (gently raise your above you're head as if to be reaching for the sky.) In addition, I found that physical therapy expedited my recovery process and got me back on my feet faster than expected!



Arnica has been known to help reduce bruising and help with pain reduction.  Always ask your doctor before using anything other than what has been prescribed for you.  It is available in tinctures as well as creams and gels to apply topically.

Surgical drains


It is important to educate yourself on proper drain care! You can help prevent infection and speed up the healing process!


Here is another website that supports the idea of healing with dignity. Cancer Be Glammed was formed by two amazing mothers and cancer survivors who happened to be best friends. Please check out their website they offer many helpful products to help the healing process.