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My Story

My name is Carol Hunter and I am a breast cancer survivor.  My mother is also a breast cancer survivor.  Both of us endured double-mastectomies that saved our lives.  

I spent a good portion of my early life as a dancer, but today my family is the center of my universe.  For my mother and I, there was a time when that whole universe was shaken and I wasn’t sure if I’d still be around to watch my two sons grow up and to continue waking up next to my husband each morning.  


Unfortunately, breast cancer is a reality that too many women and men have to face too frequently today.  Although I may be a long way from discovering a way of preventing breast cancer, my goal is to help everyone who has to endure the same struggles that I did. 


I believe that the quicker you can begin to incorporate your daily habits and routines back into your life and enjoy the outdoors again, the quicker your body and mind will recover.  That’s why I’ve created post-surgical clothing to help women get back on their feet as quickly as they possibly can.