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Post Operative Jacket/Shirt to help you heal with dignity

Jacket/shirt to hold and conceal surgical drains after mastectomy surgery or other surgeries.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide patients needing surgical drains with a discreet solution for going about daily activities. 

Our mastectomy jacket is uniquely designed to help you throughout your entire healing process. It's so comfortable you can even sleep in it!

Jacket with Internal pockets to hold and conceal surgical drains used at post operative surgery.

Why It's My Secret is the best solution...

  • Soft, comfortable, washable fabric
  • Holds drains upright to prevent spillage
  • Accommodates up to 8 drains
  • Front opening for easy access
  • Can be worn over bandages & compression garments
  • Designed to promote positive self image 

unisex sizes from small to xxxl

We donate a portion of all proceeds to cancer research to continue working towards a cure.


With a prescription, insurance companies will cover two therapeutic garments per year. (Insurance code #L8015)

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